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SKF has introduced a new range of fork seal kits specifically developed for heavy-duty off road use. This new generation of fork seal kit is optimized to enhance the protection with a dual lip dirt scraper design that creates a labyrinth to limit the exposure of the oil seals to mud to further safeguard the fork setting from losing his performances after short riding time.

Due to the extensive years of research and development SKF products are the most technologically advanced and this is the standard that has been set for industry. Each part produced by SKF compliments the next. Stand-alone performance is superior but when several products are brought together the benefits are second to none. As the products are all designed to increase performance of the motorcycle, made from the most robust materials and are created with greater protection to make service intervals longer due to state of the art engineering and manufacturing.

Heavy Duty Fork Seal Kit suitable for the following models:
WP 48mm 


  • Reduced and constant friction – reduction of over 20%
  • Improved feel and smoothness
  • Compatibility with a wide range of OE and aftermarket oils
  • Increased life and performance
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
  • Reduced wear and air suction

Please Note: When ordering 2 kits are normally needed per bike.



GAS GAS EC250 2021


HUSABERG FE390 2010-12

HUSABERG FE450 2004-12

HUSABERG FE550 2004-08

HUSABERG FE570 2004-10

HUSABERG FE650 2004-08

HUSABERG TE125 2013-14

HUSABERG TE250 2013-14

HUSABERG TE300 2013-14

HUSQVARNA FC250 2014-17

HUSQVARNA FC350 2014-19

HUSQVARNA FC450 2014-19

HUSQVARNA FE250 2014-19

HUSQVARNA FE350 2014-19

HUSQVARNA FE350S 2014-17

HUSQVARNA FE450 2014-19

HUSQVARNA FE501 2014-19

HUSQVARNA TC125 2014-19

HUSQVARNA TC250 2014-19

HUSQVARNA TC300 2014-19

HUSQVARNA TE125 2014-16

HUSQVARNA TE250 2014-17

HUSQVARNA TE250I 2018-19

HUSQVARNA TE300 2014-17

HUSQVARNA TE300I 2018-19

HUSQVARNA TX125 2017-19


KTM 1190 ADVENTURE 2013-16

KTM 1190 ADVENTURE R 2013-16

KTM 125EXC 2003-16

KTM 125SX 2003-20

KTM 150SX 2008-19

KTM 150XC 2008-19

KTM 150XCW 2017-19

KTM 200EXC 2003-19

KTM 250EXC 2003-17

KTM 250EXC TPI 2018-19

KTM 250EXCF 2007-19

KTM 250SX 2003-21

KTM 250SXF 2007-21

KTM 250XC 2003-19

KTM 250XCF 2007-19

KTM 250XCFW 2007-19

KTM 250XCW 2007-19

KTM 300EXC 2003-17

KTM 300EXC TPI 2018-19

KTM 300XC 2003-19

KTM 300XCW 2003-19

KTM 350EXCF 2011-19

KTM 350SXF 2011-21

KTM 350XCF 2011-19

KTM 350XCFW 2011-19

KTM 400EXCF 2003-11

KTM 400XCW 2003-11

KTM 450EXC 2003-19

KTM 450EXCF 2003-17

KTM 450EXCF 2004-17

KTM 450SMR 2003-14

KTM 450SXF 2003-21

KTM 450XCF 2003-19

KTM 450XCW 2003-19

KTM 500EXC 2012-19

KTM 500EXCF 2012-17

KTM 500XCW 2012-19

KTM 525EXCF 2003-07

KTM 525SMR 2003-07

KTM 525SXF 2003-07

KTM 530EXCF 2008-11

KTM 690 ENDURO R 2008-17

KTM 690SMCR 2008-17

KTM 690SMR 2008-10

KTM 950 ADVENTURE 2011-12

KTM 950 SUPER ENDURO 2008-11

KTM 990 ADVENTURE 2007-14

KTM 990 SUPER DUKE 2011-13


SHERCO 125SER 2019

SHERCO 250SE 2012-16

SHERCO 250SEF 2012-16

SHERCO 250SEFR 2012-19

SHERCO 250SER 2012-19

SHERCO 300SE 2012-13

SHERCO 300SEF 2012-16

SHERCO 300SEFR 2012-19

SHERCO 300SER 2012-19

SHERCO 450SEFR 2018-19

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