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Pinlock® lens included

The pinnacle of polycarbonate road full-face helmets, heir to the highly acclaimed N87. With its bold and modern design, this helmet redefines excellence. Every detail, from the shell to the strategically positioned air intakes, has been defined by Nolan. Experience unmatched comfort and style on your journeys.

NERS: The N80-8 helmet is equipped with NERS, the Nolan Emergency Release System. This innovative safety feature ensures quick and easy helmet removal in case of an emergency, prioritizing your safety during critical situations.

LPC - Liner Positioning Control: This feature enhance the fit and comfort by allowing precise adjustment of the liner's position.

VPS Sunscreen with Automatic Retraction:This ensures clear vision in diverse conditions. Additionally, the automatic retraction system offers ease of use, allowing you to adjust the VPS sunscreen effortlessly.

N-Com Ready with ESS (Emergency Stop Signal): The N80-8 is N-Com ready, enabling seamless integration of communication systems into your helmet. Moreover, it's prepared for ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), enhancing safety by signaling your stops to fellow riders and motorists.

Pinlock®: The Pinlock® technology creates a seal that prevents fog from forming on the visor, ensuring you always have clear vision, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Lexan™ Polycarbonate outer shell in 2 sizes XXS-M / L-2XL
  • 6 EPS sizes
  • Microlock chin strap closure
  • Scratch and fog resistant, ultrawide visor
  • Visor mechanism with tilting functionality
  • Pinlock® fog resistant inner visor included (not on model Special)
  • Quick release shield system
  • Adjustable Vision Protection System (VPS) sunscreen - UV protection up to 400 nm
  • VPS automatic retraction system
  • Top ventilation, chin ventilation, air exhausts
  • Top removable Clima Comfort inner comfort padding with eco-friendly fabric
  • Liner with innovative mesh construction
  • LPC - Liner Positioning Control
  • NERS – Nolan Emergency Release System
  • Cheek pads with removable padding
  • Moulded lining for the inner cheek pads in polystyrene
  • Eye-wear adaptive - exclusive system designed for the comfort of eyeglass wearers
  • AirBooster Technology
  • Wind deflector
  • Certified according to UN/ECE 22.06

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