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Introducing the Nolan N120-1, a groundbreaking helmet that revolutionizes your riding experience. Born from the innovative spirit of the Brembate di Sopra Company, this helmet is the first flip-back in Nolan's history, showcasing an incredible fusion of sporty flair and touring functionality. With its unique backwards rotation and single pivot mechanism, the N120-1 offers the reliability of a full-face helmet and the freedom of an open-face helmet in one sleek package. Elevate your rides with unparalleled safety, comfort, and style, and switch effortlessly between configurations to suit your journey.


  • Homologation: UN/ECE 22-06 certified, the N120-1 ensures top-notch safety whether in open (J) or closed (P) configuration. This certification means it meets stringent safety standards, giving you peace of mind on every ride.
  • Visor: The ultrawide, scratch-resistant visor comes with a Pinlock® fog-resistant inner visor, keeping your vision clear in various conditions. The Adjustable Vision Protection System (VPS) sunscreen protects against UV rays up to 400nm, while its automatic retraction system adds convenience.
  • Inner Padding: Enjoy supreme comfort with the “Top Clima Comfort” padding made from eco-friendly fabric. The innovative net construction liner, Liner Positioning Control (LPC), and 3D shaped cheek pads with removable padding ensure a perfect fit. The moulded lining for cheek pads enhances durability.
  • Ventilation: The helmet features "AirBooster Technology" for optimal air circulation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable during rides.
  • Chin Guard: The Dual Action chin guard opening system and single pivot mechanism for backwards rotation highlight its innovative design, offering both safety and ease of use.
  • Retention system: The Microlock² system provides a secure and adjustable fit, ensuring your helmet stays in place and comfortable at all times.


  • Wind Protector: The included wind protector offers additional comfort, especially during high-speed rides, reducing noise and air turbulence.
  • N-Com Communication System Ready: The helmet is designed to integrate seamlessly with the N-Com Communication System, enhancing your connectivity and entertainment on the go.

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