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  • NGK are the worlds largest manufacturer of Spark Plugs
  • The internal resistor suppresses ignition noise that is generated during sparking
  • Resistor filters out excessive electrical noise generated by the ignition system
  • Long 20,000km-40,000km service interval

NGK Resistor Spark Plugs incorporate an internal resistor to suppress ignition noise that is generated during sparking. Noise that is often referred to as either electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) can disript electronic communication signals which effects the performance of sound systems, mobile phones, two way radios and even engine management systems such as the ECU.

NGK Resistor Spark Plugs are designed to filter out noise that may affect electrical componenents in your vehicle.

Brand NGK
Spanner Size 14,0 mm
Outer thread [mm] 10,0
Thread Length [mm] 26,5
Spark Position [mm] 3
Depth (cm) 2
Length (cm) 9
Part Number LMAR6A-9
Width (cm) 2
Warranty Manufacturers warranty
Multipack Singular
Type Spark Plugs - Copper

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