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Motorex Adventure Chain Lube is a special chain lubricant that impresses both in everyday use and on long tours thanks to its numerous advantages. The white chain lubricant works brilliantly when off road due to its water-resistant and dust-repellent characteristics. At the same time, it does not compromise on performance when touring. Maximum adhesion is achieved through the special formulation, meaning the rear wheel rim remains clean even at high speeds - and on long trips. As it uses PTFE, wear is reduced across the entire chain drive and also ensures reliable, long-lasting protection of the inside of the chain against corrosion thanks to its outstanding penetration application.


  • Special white lubricant strengthened with Teflon with extreme adhesion
  • Repels Dirt & Dust (low dirt adhesion)
  • Especially suited for X-ring and O-ring chains
  • Extremely resistant to spin, waterproof and temperature-resistant!

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