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Kabuto Hikari features a newly designed inner sunshade covering with a wider view area to keep the sun out of your eyes while not losing any vision. The new lining has glasses friendly cheek pads to add even more comfort for spectacle wearers who struggle with normal cheek pads.

Kabuto have also added an Intercom Attachment Space as they become more popular. The easy operating ventilation system will keep your head cool, while the helmet is ready for a wide type Pinlock. Along with this is a wind shutter, newly designed breath guard and a double action micro ratchet buckle.

  • Newly Designed Inner Sunshade Covers Wide View Area
  • New Fitting Lning
  • Glasses Friendly
  • Intercom Attachment Space
  • Stylish Compact Design
  • Wake Stabilizer (patented)
  • Easy Operating Ventilation System
  • Wide Type Pinlock® Original Insert Lens (Optional)
  • Newly Designed Breath Guard
  • Double Action Type Micro Ratchet Buckle

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