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• Topside: Mixed construction, with ventilated mesh on the inner side/extra-tough 4-way-stretch polyester on the outside / Palm: AX Suede® Durango™ / hypothenar and control contact-point reinforcement in synthetic leather / 2 mm foam rubber reinforcements on the palms / 3 mm foam rubber pads on the thumbs
• Dual ERGO PROTECH® protective shells in soft TPR, virtually undetectable
• Mini-protective shells in TPR on the fingers + 3 mm foam rubber reinforcements on the ring and little fingers
• 5 TPR Sonic heat-sealed protective logo
• FIVE ErgoFit construction for optimal fit and freedom of movement
• Synthetic leather reinforcement on the edge of the hand, up to the radius
• Silicone print on the inside of the fingers for optimal grip
• Clear Vision Pad™ visor cleaning system on the left-hand side
• Touch Screen™ system (index finger) for handling electronic devices
• Adjustable tab closure integrated into the mesh and Velcro® fabric structure of the glove.

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