Dunlop - SPORTMAX ROADSMART 4 120/60ZR17 (55W)

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Dunlop’s new GT tyre - for grip and performance that’s stronger for longer

The RoadSmart IV is the latest addition to the Sportmax family, taking over from the hugely successful Roadsmart III.

Whether it’s long haul touring or demanding road-riding; RoadSmart IV offers precision handling and stability without compromise.

The innovative new tread design and nano technology compound provide maximum grip and performance on both wet and dry roads whilst delivering improved mileage.

From heavy large-capacity GT’s to the latest spritely mid-size twins, Dunlop’s RoadSmart IV offers it all.

Designed to offer high mileage, comfortable feel and excellent handling, the Roadsmart IV reduces rider fatigue, while the MT3, multi-compound technology allows for superior grip in the wet or dry, no matter how steep the lean angle.

The RoadSmart IV is the pinnacle of touring tyre technology on the market today.

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