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Known as the oil of Switzerland, Motorex has been lubricating motorcycle engines and components for 100 years. 2017 saw the celebration of 100 years of Motorex, and there's no doubting the strong reputation associated with the Motorex brand name. Trusted by factory race teams worldwide, Motorex products range from air filters to chain lube, brake fluid and oils. Market-leading performance, an unmatched range of every product you could ever need

The MOTOREX carburettor cleaner is a concentrated cleaner developed to ensure the trouble-free cleaning of residues and impurities from carburettors. Cleans air passages, inlet flaps, Venturi tubes, adjustment screw seats and carburettor housings. For all two- and four-stroke petrol engines. Highly intensive cleaning effect, requiring seals and membranes to always be removed beforehand. Ideally suited for use in overhauls of older vehicles or those which have been idle for a long time.

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