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Super Secure Tie Down Straps and Handle Bar Anchors Standard pull / press adjust cam buckle built into both tie down straps Carabiner snap lock both ends - no more hooks falling off the hitch point - the carabiners are fitted with cutout lock design to positively lock when under pressure and with a spring loaded gate. Soft velour pad fitted across the handlebars to protect your handlebar fittings and instruments Easy fit - slip each RED sleeve over each end of the handlebars - pull the tie down straps. This will set the red sleeves over the grips and give a positive lock off. Attach each carabiner to an appropriate tie off point and tension tie downs in the normal manner. As you tighten the tie downs, the grip on the bar ends gets greater and you have positive lock off! With hand grip lock off the bike rides better on the ute / trailer with less bounce and sway. You will never see your jigger bouncing down the road ever again, after a conventional tie down hook has fallen off the securing point after a big jolt. Personally tested off road Cape York, Canning Stock Route and Gunbarrel Highway and on road round Australia with both road and off road motorcycles - never lost one! Because the securing point is the bar grips you can usually avoid rubbing the tank / fairings with the tie down straps and avoid grip damage as well! Works well on fully faired bikes, naked bikes, off road and scooters.

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