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Welcome to the forefront of youthful adventure and skill development – the Sherco EB18 Factory Edition. Unleashing a new era of electric balance bikes, this flagship model from Sherco Australia is not just a stylish ride; it's a groundbreaking tool designed to empower young riders with developing confidence and technical skills. With a powerful 36V 500W brushless motor, premium components, and an adaptable design, the EB18 Factory Edition is set to redefine the riding experience for children aged 8-10.


•    A 36V 500W brushless motor
•    3 speeds: Low 15km/h, Med: 22km/h, High: 30km/h
•    Run time is 30-60 minutes (depending on power setting and riding conditions)
•    Recharge time is two-three hours
•    A quick-change spare battery is available ($349 - sold separately)
•    Simple twist-and-go throttle with a battery-level display
•    Kill switch with safety lanyard


•    Both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
•    Alloy wire-spoked rims
•    18 x 2.5-inch tyres


•    Premium alloy frame, handlebars and pegs
•    Front Suspension: adjustable, triple clamp fork with hydraulic lock out function
•    Rear Suspension: adjustable, oil/gas shock
•    Height-adjustable seat


•    Recommended age: 8-10
•    Max rider weight: 50kg


•    Each bike comes with an Australian 240V household charger, owner’s manual and toolkit.
•    12-month parts-only warranty

The retail price for the EB16 Factory (the ‘16’ referring to the 16-inch wheels) is $999, with the machine now available at all Sherco dealers. 

The full list of additional EB16 Factory features is as follows:

•    A 24V 250W brushless motor (EB16: 170W brush motor);
•    24km/h top speed (EB16: 21km/h top speed);
•    Better acceleration than EB16;
•    Suspension: front fork;
•    Three speed modes (EB16: two modes);
•    Higher handlebar;
•    Rear disc brake;
•    Anodised blue handlebar and seat clamp (quick-release seat clamp);
•    Blue rims with a more aggressive tread pattern;
•    New grips and brake lever; and
•    Sherco Factory decals. 

Of course, the EB18 Factory continues the fun, silent and environmentally friendly profile of its siblings, as well as a simple twist-and-go throttle, a running time of up to 60 minutes and the option of a non-powered mode for kids to push, balance and coast before activating the brushless motor.

The EB18 Factory is supplied with an Australian 240V household charger, owner’s manual and toolkit. It has a 12-month parts-only warranty.

Powerful Performance:

The EB18 Factory Edition is powered by a robust 36V 500W brushless motor, offering three dynamic speed modes – Low (15km/h), Med (22km/h), and High (30km/h). This flexibility ensures that riders, aged 8-10, can adapt the bike to their skill level, creating an optimal environment for learning and progression.

Premium Components:

Equipped with premium components usually found in high-end mountain bikes, the EB18 Factory Edition boasts both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power. The alloy wire-spoked rims and 18 x 2.5-inch tyres provide stability and control for an exhilarating ride.

Adaptable Suspension:

The adjustable front suspension, featuring a hydraulic lockout function, and the rear suspension with oil/gas shock cater to individual preferences, delivering a customisable and comfortable riding experience. The height-adjustable seat ensures that the bike grows with the rider, providing long-lasting enjoyment.

Confidence-Building Design:

The EB18 Factory Edition is crafted to empower young riders on their journey to mastery. With a simple twist-and-go throttle, battery level display, and essential safety features like a kill switch with a safety lanyard, riders can confidently explore and build their skills.

What's Included:

Each EB18 Factory Edition comes with an Australian 240V household charger, owner's manual, and toolkit. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month parts-only warranty.

*Shown with optional side stand (not included as standard) 


Motor: 36V 500W brushless motor
Battery: 36V 5AH, removable battery
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Fork: Triple clamp fork with hydraulic lockout, adjustable damping
Shock: Single oil/gas rear shock, adjustable
Brakes: Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes
Handlebar: Alloy
Stem: Alloy
Tyres: All-terrain 18-inch
Wheels: 18-inch alloy, wire-spoked rims
Final Drive: Hub Drive
Charger: 42V*3A
Range: ~30-60 minutes
Max Speed: 15km/h (Low) / 22km/h (Medium / 30km/h (High)
Max Load: 50kg
Warranty: 12-month parts-only warranty


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