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A Leap in Design and Innovation

After three years of incredible success, SCOTT is pushing the limits of goggle design again one step further. The 2020 Prospect Goggle is here and has everything what you are looking for: Perfected features such as the No Sweat face foam, a maximum field of vision, the innovative SCOTT lens lock system, articulating outriggers and much more.

Get one of the new and fashionable designs and defend your vision during your unwavering pursuit of victory.


  • MASSIVE FIELD OF VISION: SCOTT offers the largest field of vision on the market. The larger lens and the thin frame construction bring the lens closer to your eyes maximizing your vision to the fullest.
  • LENS LOCK SYSTEM: With this feature SCOTT guarantees the safest lens retention on the market. It features 4 locking pins that go through the lens keeping the lens in no matter what.
  • PIVOTING OUTRIGGERS: The two pivoting outriggers adapt to any helmet shape, providing a good seal on the rider’s face.
  • BIG 3 LAYER FACE FOAM: SCOTT’s 3 Layer Face Foam incorporates two layers of foam and one “No Sweat” layer to provide maximum comfort.
  • NO SWEAT FACE FOAM: This unique face foam consists of a microfiber layer which is extremely water absorbing. It soaks up moisture super fast and avoids sweat getting into your eyes or inside the goggle.
  • WFS50 COMPATIBLE: The Prospect is compatible with SCOTTs revolutionary WFS50. The pivoting outriggers enable slick integration of the canisters which are easily installed without any tools.

Frame Technologies:

  • Lens Lock System
  • Articulated outriggers
  • NoSweat 3-layer molded face foam
  • Extra wide no-slip silicone strap

Lens Technologies:

  • SCOTT TruView single WORKS lens
  • NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment


  • Bonus clear lens included
  • Microfiber goggle bag