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This double layered hardened steel anchor provides twice the security of single layered anchors. Five security mechanisms stand between the thief and your motorcycle, cycle, lawn mower or other high valued item. All fittings and instructions are included, 4 high security rawl bolts, 4 anti-tamper ball bearings and 4 steel plugs to create an unassailable anchor. All of the necessary high security fixings are included. All the chains sold by Oxford Products can fit through the Oxford Anchor Force.

Mark and drill the four fixing holes for the rawl plugs provided, insert the rawl plugs so that the top is level with the ground. Place the Oxford Anchor Force over the rawl plugs – insert the allen headed bolts and screw down tight. Insert a ball bearing into the allen head of each bolt and hammer it down to fix. Lastly place the four steel plugs over the bolt heads and hammer down as far as possible. Your Oxford Anchor Force is now ready to protect your high value items.

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