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DID Drive Chain

  • Model: VX2 Pro Street X-Ring
  • Size: 520 Size with 120 links
  • Rated up to: 750cc engines
  • Finish: Gold colour on outer links, inner links natural steel colour
  • To suit: Many road and dirt bikes

Chances are good that your bike came with a D.I.D. chain when it was new - manufacturers know the reliability and consistency of D.I.D. brand. But since your bike was new, technology has moved forward... O-rings have been replaced in DID chains, by X-Rings, for half the power loss and longer life!

One Clip-type master link is included

Spare master links are available in:

  • Rivet-type or Clip-type
  • Gold or Grey colour

Half the Power Loss (Compared with Normal O-Ring)D.I.D's PATENTED X-Ring construction reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed. Normal O-Rings and other makers' modified O-Rings have squashed points that increase friction. The twisting action of the X-Ring disperses the pressure and minimizes power loss.

1.5 to 2 Times Longer Wear Resistance (Compared with Normal O-Ring)The X-Ring's four contact points greatly increase its sealing performance. This keeps the dirt out and the lubrication in much better than any other O-Ring. X-Rings have the greatest wear resistance of any other type of O-Ring or Non-O-Ring chain.