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5.5 Litre Touring Bladder

5.5 litre Jerry Flex fuel bladder. Made with Reinforced Mil Spec 1.3mm / 1250gsm TPU with odour proof layer and 4 x tie down eyelets. Includes 4 x belly strap pockets. Robust external fuel storage. Comes with drain hose.

Designed over the past 4 years for the increasing number of Tour Bike Riders traveling the desert safari and other route's in need of carrying extra fuel. The LC Jerry Flex Bladder Tank is strong enough to handle the worst conditions and Flexible enough to be folded away or stored flat.

A great alternative to additional hard tanks that need to be mounted to bikes and then taken off once home. In many cases these extra hard tanks are only suited to specific models and need to be modified.

The LC mini flexi tank is a simple and effective solution that can be tailor made to suit your needs. Bladder tanks can be joined together or stored separately.

They come with a Ultra light filler which has a simple pressure relief cap design.

Size: 330mm wide x 410mm high

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