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When your helmet protects the heads of such riders as 9-time world MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli, current AMA SX champion Jason Anderson and reigning MXGP world champion Jeffrey Herlings, you must be doing something right. These riders, among many other world class riders, have played a significant part in the development and refinement of Airoh's off-road offerings, ensuring that protection, quality and comfort are continually refined. The Aviator 2.3 AMS² is the new top of the range release from Airoh, building upon the proven capabilities of the Aviator 2.2, while adding in several new innovative features to increase both safety and comfort.


The AMS² (Airoh MultiAction Safety System) is a patented internal helmet system that Airoh have developed and refined to over 3 years of study and testing. The system sees the internal shell of the helmet made up of two interconnected shells of differing foam densities, which when combined offer the best reduction of rational accelleration forces from impacts. These shells are connected by a central rubber dampening ring as well as a carefully designed array of elastomers. The elasticity of these two connecting devices allows the two shells to maintain independent movement, even when under extreme pressure. By allowing appropriate independent movement, the AMS² system is able to absorb and best distribute the rotational forces that are present during the majority of off-road incidents. The AMS² system also allows for exceptional air flow. The split shell design acts as a channel for air to flow from the myriad of intake ports at the front and along the top of the helmet, all the way through to the exhaust ports at the base of the rear of the helmet.


The AMS² is just the newest addition to Airoh's range of technologies that have been utilized of prior models, many of which make an appearance on the Aviator 2.3. The exceptional light weight for which Airoh are renowned is maintained in this helmet, with the helmet coming in 2 different 100% Carbon Kevlar outer shell sizes (XS-S-M & L-XL) to ensure minimal weight and a streamlined size. The AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove) emergency system for the rapid removal of the internal cheek padding is included and regarded as a must-have safety feature for competition helmets, which further improves the safety of the helmet.

Airoh have also added to the ease of care for your helmet by adding a new magnetic helmet liner system. The removable 2Dry antibacterial hypoallergenic liner is now able to be removed and replaced with little to no effort, with several magnetic tabs upon the liner allowing for the liner to easily be taken from the helmet for washing, with it easily snapping back into place with appropriately located in shell anchor points. The liner is held securely in place for riding activities, with the anchor points securing the liner in place as good, if not better, than a traditional press in tab system.

Airoh lead the field when it comes to the quality of accessories included when you purchase your helmet. A zip closure dual handled helmet bag, a closure kit for when conditions might not warrant the use of all the airflow vents, a peak extension, replacement screws and a GoPro mount kit are all included.

  • 100% carbon kevlar

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